Monday, March 29, 2010

Baltimore Sun's Zurawik: Palin's "gun rhetoric" "very dangerous and irresponsible"

I happen to agree with Zurawik here. There was something terribly ugly about the anger Boehner displayed during his now infamous, "Hell, no you can't!" moment.

The Republicans have spent a lot of time recently attempting to distance themselves from the specific deaths threats and the general anger of the tea party protesters. But, anyone who has watched the way they have behaved as the healthcare battle ensued would have to conclude that they bore a very large responsibility for the air becoming as toxic as it has.

They have never wanted to have an honest debate on this subject and have argued against a bill which never really existed, certainly not in the "death panel" way they described it.

And they now seek to distance themselves from a public anger which has been fuelled by the lies which they propagated. That doesn't seem credible to me.

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