Sunday, February 14, 2010

Poll Reveals Most Americans Don't Know They Got a Tax Cut.

Most Americans are unaware that Barack Obama has cut their taxes, with the supporters of the tea party protesters being the most ill informed.

Here's the poll question: "In general, do you think the Obama Administration has increased taxes for most Americans, decreased taxes for most Americans or have they kept taxes the same for most Americans?"

The answer:

• 24 percent of respondents said they INCREASED taxes.

• 53 percent said they kept taxes the same

• And 12 percent said taxes were decreased.

Of people who support the grassroots, "Tea Party" movement, only 2 percent think taxes have been decreased, 46 percent say taxes are the same, and a whopping 44 percent say they believe taxes have gone up.
They don't even know what they are angry about. Or, rather, if they are not really angry about taxation, then they must actually be enraged by something else.

For the record, Obama has cut taxation for 95% of Americans.

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