Saturday, February 06, 2010

Buchanan: Democrats lose the tea party protesters "because you show contempt for them".

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According to Pat Buchanan, the Democrats lose the tea party protesters "because you show contempt for them".

This exchange becomes heated when Joan Walsh uses the phrase "birthers".

Apparently, according to Pat's world view, it's perfectly acceptable for people to question the president's place of birth and his right to hold the office which he holds, but it's simply outrageous to think up a derogatory name for such people. He now actually blames the Democrats for the fact that the tea party protesters hate them.

The people who turned up at rallies with posters like this are suddenly very thin skinned about name calling.

Buchanan has always lived in a separate universe as far as I am concerned, but this is simply a new low.

The notion that the tea party protesters would support Obama were it not for name calling from some Democrats is simply laughable.

They have called him a socialist Kenyan Marxist dictator, and now Buchanan can sit there with a straight face and spout this nonsense?

He now seeks to make the Democrats responsible for the behaviour of the more extreme elements of his own party.


merlallen said...

as soon as we have Tancredo's civics test for voters, they won't be allowed to vote anyway, fuck them, who needs them?

Kel said...