Monday, February 15, 2010

Bill Maher on the Tea Baggers Pining for the 1950s.

I do love this guy. Here he talks of the racism behind the birther theories and the "reverse racism" that certain right wingers appear to see everywhere.

MAHER: The only racism they can see now is reverse racism.


Yes, that's the problem. For too long Puerto Rican women have had their boot on the neck of the white man.
And I love his statement that the 1950's weren't so great unless you were white and male. It wasn't so great if you were Mexican or Black or Jewish or gay or disabled or a woman.

And Maher points out that when the tea baggers complain that Obama is "taking away our freedoms", the only freedom he has actually removed is their freedom to live under a white president.


libhom said...

The teabaggers are completely manipulated by lobbyists for the wealthy and corporations.

Kel said...

I think there is a fair amount of that going on. But it also strikes me as a quasi-racist movement, and Tancredo's speech to the convention only made me more convinced that this is the case.