Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Ann Coulter dismisses Joe Biden as a "drunken Irishman" who's "20 million times" less qualified than Palin.

Oh, I've almost missed her. One can always rely on Ann Coulter to say the most outrageous things... and she never disappoints.

Coulter: It almost is kind of effective to send out this drunken Irishman to respond to Dick Cheney. It's like sending out the White House dog. It's saying, 'We so don't respect you we're sending in Joe Biden.'
Coulter then states that Palin is not going to be the next Republican candidate:
Coulter: I think I can save you a lot of trouble over the next three years. I don't even think Sarah Palin's going to run, and I think it's not particularly likely that she'll be our nominee. So she's huge, she's popular, she has enormous influence. The same can be said for Oprah, the same can be said for Rush Limbaugh. And I don't know why we have to keep asking in the media, 'Is she running for president?'
Erm, I think people keep asking it because Palin - whether she succeeds or not - is so obviously lining herself up to run.

But, ever the one to state the ridiculous, Coulter then argues that Palin is more qualified to be Vice President that Joe Biden.
Coulter: How about comparing Joe Biden with Sarah Palin? She's twenty million times more qualified than he is.

Rivera: How do you say that? A two-year governor against a long Senate career. Anyway --

Coulter: How long are we gonna pretend Biden is not just some drunken Irishman embarrassing Obama?
One doesn't even have to mount a counter attack to that argument, as it is simply laughable. One cannot compare Biden's long career in office to Palin's uncompleted term as governor in Wasilla.

Dear crazy old Ann, still spouting whatever right wing bullshit will please the tea party hordes...

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