Saturday, January 02, 2010

Sir John Major criticises Tony Blair over Iraq war.

John Major has spoken out against Blair's new found logic for the Iraq invasion, stating that he only supported the invasion because he believed what Blair was saying about WMD.

He said: "I had myself been prime minister in the first Gulf War, and I knew when I said something I was utterly certain that it was correct, and I said less than I knew."

"I assumed the same thing had happened and on that basis I supported reluctantly the second Iraq war."
He doesn't call Blair a liar, but he makes it very clear that he would never have spoken in the way which Blair did, by implying that he had knowledge which he did not in fact possess. And he also appears to dismiss Blair's latest claim that WMD were not the only reason for Britain to have taken part in the invasion.

Sir John said the argument that someone was bad was an inadequate argument for war.

"There are many bad men around the world who run countries and we don't topple them, and indeed in earlier years we had actually supported Saddam Hussein when he was fighting against Iran.

"The argument that someone is a bad man is an inadequate argument for war and certainly an inadequate and unacceptable argument for regime change."

It's interesting that Major has gone public with this before Blair is due to appear in front of the Chilcot inquiry. Here we have a former British Prime Minister - and one who, himself, took part in the Gulf war - making it very clear that he regards Blair's behaviour in the run up to the Iraq invasion as unacceptable.

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