Saturday, January 30, 2010

Republicans dismayed by Obama’s strong performance, say it was a ‘mistake’ to let cameras roll.

The Republicans were so confident that they could embarrass Obama when he visited them that they insisted that cameras should be allowed to film the entire question and answer session.

They now admit that they made a grave mistake.

RUSSERT: Tom Cole — former head of the NRCC, congressman from Oklahoma — said, “He scored many points. He did really well.” Barack Obama, for an hour and a half, was able to refute every single Republican talking point used against him on the major issues of the day. In essence, it was almost like a debate where he was front and center for the majority of it. … One Republican said to me, off the record, behind closed doors: “It was a mistake that we allowed the cameras to roll like that. We should not have done that.”
Obama, it turns out, was simply too clever not to demolish their tired talking points.
“Debating a law professor is kind of foolish — the Republican House Caucus has managed to turn Obama’s weakness — his penchant for nuance — into a strength. Plenty of Republicans asked good and probing questions, but Mike Pence, among others, found their arguments simply demolished by the president.”
What's interesting is that they recognise that he destroyed their central thesis whilst they still privately believe that they are right.

Here's an example of how Obama took them to pieces:


PFL0W said...

I speak for Democrats and all Americans, really, when I say:


Get over it, Rethuglicans. He bested you. He's not a dolt like that last guy in the White House. He has a brain, can speak and knows what he's doing.

Mo Rage
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Kel said...

I think they constantly underestimate his intelligence... Long may it continue. They can coalesce around Palin.