Wednesday, January 06, 2010

The Nutcases Turn on Beck and Fox.

Every so often the complete insanity of fringe right wingers causes them to turn on everyone, including the very people who normally feed them red meat.

Well, now they are turning on Fox News and Glenn Beck for failing to highlight the story of Barack Obama's ineligibility for the presidency due to their belief that he was born in Kenya.

The key to this cover up is Fox News’s compliance in keeping this story, the lawyers, the plaintiffs and the lawsuits out of the news so the American people are not wise to the details. People are very busy with their lives and they have no time to do research, so if the news keeps a tight lid on this it will go nowhere.

Glenn Beck and Bill O’ Reilly’s assistance in this cover up has been huge. Obama owes them BIG TIME. Bill O’ Reilly mentioned that his crack staff investigated this matter and they shut the door on it, but they NEVER publicly reported the evidence that he supposedly found. They are depending on their loyal audience to just take their word for it, but many people are waking up to the fact that they might be part of the cover up as well.


Phil Berg is a lifetime Democrat and a member of the NAACP. He is a liberal, but he understands that the U.S. Constitution is more important than a left wing agenda. Democrats like Berg are a dying breed, many have been bitten by the Marxist bug and they put their fanatical obsession with Karl Marx, over their own country.

Berg, also mentioned that Glenn Beck’s silence on this issue is a DISGRACE. I have also made the same statements as well and so has Pastor Manning. Orly Taitz has also compared the “American media to the media of the Soviet Union.”

I do not work for Murdoch, so I have nothing to worry about, unlike Beck, Hannity or Bill O’. The Fox News fans are loyal and they think that their heroes would never lie to them about any issue. Well, they are wrong, because they are lying about this issue.
So, if Fox News and Beck and the others don't report the nonsense which these people believe to be true, then they have obviously become part of the cover up.

It really has got to the stage where facts are irrelevant to Orly Taitz and her supporters. They simply KNOW what the truth is and one either agrees with them or one is part of a huge conspiracy to cover up the truth.

And it appears that even Fox, O'Reilly and Beck are not above suspicion.

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