Sunday, January 24, 2010

Miracle survivor found as Haiti rescue teams ordered to stand down.

I don't know why I am even writing about this. I have nothing to say about it other than it is simply miraculous.

A man was dramatically rescued tonight after spending 11 days under the rubble of a hotel in Port-au-Prince, hours after the Haitian government declared search and rescue operations over.

The survival of 22-year-old Wismond Exantus Jean-Pierre was hailed as "more than a miracle" by international emergency teams who had been at the point of leaving Port-au-Prince.

"I was hungry," Jean-Pierre said from his hospital bed. "But every night I thought about the revelation that I would survive." He survived initially by diving under a desk when the rubble started to fall. Trapped in such a small space, he had lie on his back and survived by drinking cola, beer and cookies.

"I would eat anything I found," he said. "After the quake I didn't know when it was day and when it was night."

Rescue workers were called back from the airport to help after Jean-Pierre's brother, Jean Elie, heard tapping from the ruins of the Hotel Napoli Inn where he had been searching daily for him, after dreaming that he was alive. "Today is the first time we communicated with him," Jean Elie said. "He asked for us to save him. God has been keeping him alive." Jean-Pierre turned to his brother by his bedside and told him: "When you are in a hole, I will try to reach out to you, too."

There have been so many stories like this out of Haiti; people rescued days after all should have died.

To survive eleven days under the rubble really is remarkable.

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Randy R Cox said...

This guy lived on cola, beer, and cookies. His will to live is remarkable. A couple of days ago, two men were shot because they found a couple of bags of rice.

It is a good thing the police didn't see this guy taking that beer!

Kel said...

I agree he showed a remarkable will to live.