Sunday, December 20, 2009

Torture claims by British resident are given credence by American judge.

As David Miliband goes to extraordinary lengths to prevent the truth of what happened to Binyam Mohamed from ever becoming public, a US judge has found that there is "credible" evidence that Mohamed was tortured at the behest of Washington.

The declassified legal opinion states:

"Binyam Mohamed's trauma lasted two long years. During that time, he was physically and psychologically tortured. His genitals were mutilated. He was deprived of sleep and food. He was summarily transported from one foreign prison to another. Captors held him in stress positions for days at a time. He was forced to listen to piercingly loud music and the screams of other prisoners while locked in a pitch-black cell. All the while, he was forced to inculpate himself and others in plots to imperil Americans. The government does not dispute this evidence."
Miliband continues to make the ludicrous argument that the US would stop sharing intelligence with the UK if the story of Mohamed ever becomes public, but it has now been acknowledged by a US judge so I am unsure what validity Miliband's argument continues to have.

Clive Stafford Smith, legal director of the human rights group, Reprieve, described the US ruling as "another nail in the coffin of the British government's attempts to cover up" its role in Mohamed's treatment.

"Given that a US judge has found all this credible, and the US has refused to challenge or deny any of it, why does the UK continue to fight the release of the infamous 'seven paragraphs' in the Binyam Mohamed judgment?" Stafford Smith said. "Presumably it is because those seven paragraphs expose the UK to great embarrassment."

The only conclusion I can come to - and I admit that I am guessing here - is that there must be something in those seven paragraphs which imply British complicity in Mohamed's treatment.

I can think of no other reason for Miliband's behaviour. After all, even US courts and the US government itself does not dispute what Mohamed is claiming, so why is Miliband going to such lengths to prevent us hearing what those paragraphs contain?

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