Sunday, December 06, 2009

Climate Action in California (full-length version)

It's refreshing to hear a Republican abandon the general right wing madness on this subject and accept what scientists are actually saying on this subject.


nunya said...

I trained to install solar powered domestic hot water systems in 1984. The photovoltaic collector industry was in its infancy. Another CA Gov, Ronnie RayGun, wiped out the tax incentives and the industry died. Increased the federal deficit, though, Reagan did.

Most of the solar collectors (photovoltaic anyway) are manufactured overseas now. Japan is on top of the photovoltaic collector industry.

The Governator does great PR, let's see how it turns out, eh?

Kel said...

Oh, I am with you on that Nunya. I am merely applauding the rhetoric, as it differs so much from the rest of the loons on the right.

As you say, lets see what actually happens.

nunya said...

Yeah, the rhetoric is nice though isn't it. :)