Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Where There is Victory in Defeat.

As the Glenn Beck supported candidate finally concedes defeat, Michelle Malkin wants us to know that the lunatic wing of the GOP are not about to quieten down.


Here is one of the loudest messages of the 2009 off-off-year elections: Conservatives in America will no longer let their opponents define them out of the mainstream. They will not submit to Democrats. Or to the media. Or to Beltway Republican capitulationists. They will not “rebrand.” They will not sit down. They will not shut up.
No less a Republican figure than Newt Gingrich had begged them to shut up and support the party's candidate, but the tea baggers are not for towing the party line, they want their extremists selected or they are going to find their own candidates to put forward.

But Malkin still thinks this defeat is a cause for celebration:
Hoffman may have lost narrowly, but NY-23 is a much broader victory for conservatives who believe the Republican Party should stand for core limited government principles.
She is insisting that the real message to be taken here is her "my way or the highway" philosophy, despite the fact that the voters did not seem to want Hoffman.
And yet, despite all this attention, Hoffman lost. Voters in the 23rd did not embrace his philosophy. They saw Hoffman as a carpetbagger -- he didn't even live in the district -- who was trying to hijack their district for his own ideological ends.
But this is only the start of the Republican disintegration. The Malkin crowd will continue to insist that only candidates who share their ideological zeal be put forward as electoral candidates.

The task for Republicans after the last election was to regroup and make themselves electable. It was inevitable that there would be some discussion of whether the party should move more to the centre or continue on the insane right wing path of Palin and co.

The Republicans, thanks to the actions of Beck, Malkin, and the other loons have just lost a seat which they have held for 120 years. Malkin sees this as victory.

I've said it before about the Republicans, but the lunatics really are taking over that particular asylum. It really looks as if all out war is now about to take place in that party.


Here, Hoffman tells Glenn Beck that he is his mentor.

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