Tuesday, November 24, 2009

US to go to Copenhagen summit with proposed target on carbon emissions.

The Obama administration are coming to Copenhagen with a proposed target for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, although they are keeping their figure to between 14% and 20% from the 2005 level, as they say they have to be realistic about what they can legislate.

"The one thing the president has made clear is we want to take action consistent with the legislative process," the official told reporters. "[We] don't want to get out ahead or be at odds with what can be produced through legislation.

The Observer reported on Sunday that the US was considering a "provisional target" at Copenhagen.

Todd Stern, the state department climate change envoy, told the Observer: "What we are looking at is to see whether we could put down essentially a provisional number that would be contingent on our legislation."

I'm presuming that Obama is taking this stance because he still has to get anything he agrees to through the house and I suspect the Republicans will do their damnedest to prevent him from achieving anything on this subject.

It has become almost a badge of honour amongst those nutcases to insist that man has nothing to do with climate change.

So, I suppose Obama is simply being realistic when he looks at the scale of the mountain he will have to climb once he brings back whatever he promises in Copenhagen to the United States.

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