Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Murdoch In Denial Over Obama-Stalin Comparisons On Fox.

I spoke the other day about how ludicrous Murdoch was being in his defence of Beck and Fox News. Here, the good people over at Media Matters have put together a clip which suggests that Murdoch pays little attention to what is being said on his own channel.


Cenk makes a very good point here. Now that Murdoch has admitted that he also thinks Obama is a racist, shouldn't we be campaigning to boycott the entire Fox News network, rather than just the Glenn Beck show?


Steel Phoenix said...

I didn't boycott Kanye West (or NBC) just because he said George Bush doesn't care about black people after Katrina. Every president from here on is going to be both accused of racism and compared to Hitler by the other side.

If I'm going to boycott Murdoch, it's because his channel sucks.

Kel said...

I think calling the first ever black president of the US "racist" is simply disgraceful, especially as they bring very little proof to the table to back up the charge.

I didn't agree with what Kayne West said as the colour of the people of Katrina had nothing to do with what happened there. It was much more to do with that Republican obsession of "big government" having no place in sorting out local problems. Bush failed to see that a national emergency requires a national response.

But at least Kayne West had a specific thing around which to tie his charge. Murdoch is stating that Obama was racist because of comments he made after the arrest of Henry Louis Gates. I'd love someone to point out to me exactly what was "racist" about what Obama said.