Thursday, November 05, 2009

Freed mercenary Simon Mann says he will testify against Mark Thatcher.

The British mercenary, Simon Mann, who was convicted of an attempt to bring about a coup in equatorial New Guinea, has stated that he would be willing to give evidence against Margaret Thatcher's son, Mark, and and the oil tycoon Eli Calil; who were both rumoured to be co-conspirators in the botched attempt to take over the west African state.

Speaking as he flew back to Britain from the west African state, Mann made clear he had no intention of drawing a line under the episode, and would welcome a fresh inquiry that could lead to him giving evidence against his two old friends.

Mann warned Thatcher and Calil, who deny any involvement in the plot, that he will repeat in a British court the allegations he has made to Metropolitan police detectives and in front of a judge in Equatorial Guinea that they were both key players.

"As far as I'm concerned, I am very anxious that Calil, Thatcher and one or two of the others should face justice," Mann said. "I am very happy to restate those things in court in the UK as a witness for the prosecution."

Thatcher, who has plead guilty to supplying a helicopter used in the coup attempt, has always denied any knowledge of the plot itself.

A spokesman for Thatcher said he remained delighted at Mann's release, despite the possibility Mann could now testify against him. A court date might be some way off. Anti-terrorist officers are working closely with the Crown Prosecution Service in what they say is an active criminal inquiry, but a decision on charges is not thought to be imminent and no one has been arrested or interviewed under caution as part of the investigation.

Don't you just love these Eton types with their belief that they can simply overturn African governments for their own financial gain? We're about to elect a bunch of these toe-rags to govern the whole of the UK.

Behind the rhetoric, the reality is that Cameron’s inner circle is packed with Old Etonians like Toppo. Not since Harold Macmillan was Tory prime minister in the 1950s have Etonians held such sway.

At one point Macmillan had six in his cabinet. Among Cameron’s inner circle, no fewer than five went to his old school. They include Oliver Letwin, his head of policy; Edward Llewellyn, chief of staff; Danny Kruger, chief speechwriter; George Bridges, head of campaigns; and Zac Goldsmith, his environmental guru.

In addition, Cameron’s shadow ministerial team boasts Letwin and 12 other Old Etonians — including Hugo Swire, the culture spokesman, and Boris Johnson, the higher education spokesman.

I have obviously nothing against people with a good education running the country, but that's not what Eton's about. Eton is about telling the upper class that they are superior, by the very virtue of their birth, to almost any other person on Earth.

It's why these rich loons end up in jail for attempting coups in west Africa. It's in their blood, this belief that they have the right to do whatever they bloody please.

And we are about to elect a Tory party with more Etonians than any government since Harold MacMillan. I'm sure there is nothing that can go wrong there....

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