Saturday, October 10, 2009

We're all in it together - or are we?

I love when MP's are forced to face the public on Question Time. This week a lot of people asked George Osborne how "we are all in this together", as he claimed during the recent Tory conference, when the financial situation he seeks to fix wasn't created by ordinary working men and women, but by bankers in the city of London.

Someone also asked Osborne, unfortunately it's not in this clip, how he can claim that "we are all in this together" when he is the heir to a multi-million pound fortune.

This is the basic problem of credibility which this particular Tory cabinet are going to face. The New Statesman has recently claimed that eighteen members of Cameron's shadow cabinet are millionaires. Now, no-one is saying that a person's wealth should exclude them from high office, but it's very hard for the Tories to pretend that they understand what it's like to live on a housing scheme when there is no-one in their midst who has ever experienced such a thing.

And it's simply patronising in the extreme to claim that "we are all in this together" when the person making the claim has never experienced hardship of any kind.

PS. The photo to the left is of George Osborne at Oxford where he was a member of the exclusive - membership by invitation only - Bullingdon Club.

Members traditionally dress in TAILCOATS specially made royal blue with ivory silk lapels, facing brass monogrammed buttons and mustard waistcoat… AT A COST OF OVER £2,000 each.
It's little details like this which make it so very patronising for George to now tell us we have to tighten our belts as "we are all in this together". Like Cameron and most of the other members of the shadow cabinet, George has lived a life of privilege, so it's a bit much for him to claim to "feel our pain."

Likewise, this photo shows Cameron stag hunting. A popular hobby amongst the denizens of housing schemes the length and breadth of Britain.

They want us to know that they are just like the rest of us, but, as this Question Time audience show, most Brits just aren't that daft.

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