Saturday, October 24, 2009

Michael Savage says Glenn Beck does a ‘reasonably good job copying people who are brighter than him.’

Even right wingers are starting to turn on Glenn Beck. Here's what Michael Savage has to say:

SAVAGE: Within 90 days, he has got a bit in his mouth and he’s moving on to something else. [...] I’m not impressed with him. I mean, I’ve seen the act before. I’m not for him or against him, he does a reasonably good job copying people who are brighter than him who have done their work before him and taking as many ideas from as many people as he can without giving anyone credit. I get that. There’s nothing new about that either. But, my prediction is he’s gonna have a bit put in his mouth very very fast and or he’s going to be fired.
I wonder why Savage has turned on him. Maybe it's because Beck recently said that he thought McCain would have been a worse president than Obama.

But really, who knows why the insane fall out with each other?

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