Thursday, October 29, 2009

Joe, the No.

Rachel takes on the sleazeball that is Joe Lieberman. Quite how this man could ever have been considered a Democrat is simply lost on me.

He's now threatening to filibuster any healthcare reform which includes a public option. And he's doing this after campaigning for John McCain against Barack Obama in the recent election. And yet he is still allowed to caucus with the Democrats? Astonishing.

They should strip him of every chairmanship he posseses and throw him out on his ear. What is the point of pretending that he is inside the tent if he can't back something as essential to progressives as universal healthcare?

As Glenn Greenwald points out in this clip, should Lieberman go ahead with this he will be going against the overwhelming majority of voters in his own state.

I have loathed this man ever since he betrayed Obama to side with McCain.

When he faced a challenge from Ned Lamont, his campaign staff practically "begged" Obama to appear with him, which is something which Obama did, with no obvious advantage to himself.

Top Lieberman officials have admitted that Obama's support was crucial to Lieberman being elected:

"We needed him to strongly validate us as a candidate that liberal Democrats should not desert," the official tells me. "We went to the Obama operation with a very urgent plea for him to come out for us."

It's well known that Obama's 2006 endorsement was important. But it's not widely understood just how urgently the Lieberman people begged for Obama's help at a critical moment in Lieberman's career -- and in that light, just how much of a back-stabbing Lieberman's attacks on Obama now represent.

"It was a favor as huge as we could have gotten -- it was like a drowning man getting thrown a life preserver," the Lieberman official continued. "Just when Ned was trying to establish himself as a credible alternative on the war, Barack Obama came in and said, `Hey, I disagree with him on the war, but you should send him back to the Senate.'"
And now the sleazeball snake is proposing this. There are very few US politicians who I hold in lower regard than this jackass.


The Young Turks take on this.


daveawayfromhome said...

Obama's support of the public option has actually been pretty lukewarm, at best. It wouldnt surprise me to learn that he was repaying a favor by opposing it. It wouldnt surprise me that he was just a sleazebag, though, either.

Kel said...

That had occurred to me Dave, but I am coming down on Lieberman being simply a sleazebag. It's served me well up until now...

Steel Phoenix said...

I would have voted for GWB over this guy. I think he is the only elected official I can say this of.

He isn't helping the Republicans, he just realizes that omnipotence lies at the boundary between opposites. As long as he is the one standing on the dividing line, he has all the power. His power in American politics rivals that of the president, because as long as he has no convictions, he can decide the outcome of nearly every vote and see what each side will give him.

Kel said...

SP, I agree. Lieberman is simply a snake, playing a power game.

He believes in nothing other than what advances his own power base. I simply loathe the man.

Anonymous said...

Liebershit.... ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE!!!!

Anonymous said...

Lieberman.... The word DRECK (Hebrew for SHIT) was invented for you. Why don't you eat a few pounds and then go to Israel and die!

Kel said...

It's the fact that he was once supposedly a Democrat which gets me.