Thursday, October 22, 2009

Goldstone tells Obama: Show me flaws in Gaza report.

When the UN published the Goldstone report into Israel's invasion of Gaza, the Obama White House did what all White House's appear to do no matter which party is in power, and denounced the report as "one-sided and flawed."

Of course, the reason the report was one sided was because the Israelis totally refused to have anything to do with it, making it's one sided nature unavoidable.

However, we all know that the Obama White House are saying this as a way of preparing us for the moment when the US uses her UN veto - some change there, President Obama - which will a truly bizarre thing for him to do at a time when he wants to end Muslim animosity towards his country.

Shielding war criminals isn't usually a way to lessen anti-Americanism in the Muslim world.

Well, now Goldstone has stepped up to the plate and asked Obama to point out where this report is "one sided and flawed".

"The Obama administration joined our recommendation calling for full and good-faith investigations, both in Israel and in Gaza, but said that the report was flawed," Goldstone told Al Jazeera.

The commission chair said that once Washington points out the flaws, he would be ready to respond. "I have yet to hear from the Obama administration what the flaws in the report that they have identified are. I would be happy to respond to them, if and when I know what they are," he said.
Of course, Obama is finding fault in this report simply because he hopes that, if he kills this report off, then he has a better chance of getting Netanyahu back to the table.

Fat chance. Netanyahu isn't refusing to talk because of this report, this report is simply the latest excuse which he is clinging to.

If Obama makes all this go away Netanyahu will simply find some other reason why he can't possibly enter into negotiations.

Obama will get nowhere with Netanyahu until he learns how to wield a big stick.

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Anonymous said...

goldstone report is one sided the peace can come only with . this kind of attack on Palestinian murder . but we live in sick world that a crock and a liar report one sided and not what cause this action . if we look why this action happened we see that the Palestinian murder cause at . i even support stronger actin against the Palestinian i think this was to little for the people that support death .
alot of thing wrong in israel in alot of way israel is a dirty country .
yes i am Disraeli i know how dirty inside politic can be . the court and other government institution.

but to bring peace we must attack this people they no other way .
the Arab with help of European and united nation killing jewish people 2000 years

Kel said...

The Goldstone report was one sided because Israel refused to take part in it. So it's hardly fair for Israel to now state that as a reason to dismiss it.

She had her chance to contribute and she refused. Perhaps, because she knew what she had done.