Thursday, October 15, 2009

Glenn Beck has a theory on brontosauruses, and it is his, and what it is too.

I've already said this once today, but Beck really is getting more and more insane with each day that passes.

Crooks and Liars have done a wonder mashup of Glenn and his latest "theory".

I've also heard the term "Elk Theories" used to describe hypotheses that mean nothing and prove nothing.

Which, you know, is what Beck's bizarre "six degrees" guilt-by-association "theory" comes down to. One can play this game with anyone. It wouldn't take six degrees to connect Glenn Beck to Adolf Hitler or Osama bin Laden or Timothy McVeigh, if he wants to play that game. But it wouldn't prove anything, would it?

Except, of course, that Glenn Beck is becoming so detached from reality that his programs are now unintentional comedy skits.
The funny thing about Beck these days is that there is nothing in anything he says to refute. He keeps a phone in the background, which he constantly asks the Obama administration to ring, but what he's saying is so bat shitty crazy and off the wall that it literally needs no counter argument.

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