Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Glenn Beck Cartoon Show: 'We've raised a generation of would be killers.'

Glenn Beck thinks that young people today are the "me" generation and that the US "have raised a generation of would be killers."

I would have thought that Beck would applaud the "me" generation. After all, isn't putting yourself first at the very heart of the "rugged individualism" which Republicanism thrives on?

Apparently, the problem with this generation - I kid you not - is that they weren't spanked enough.

It's all the problem of liberalism you see. Beck laments that we have not taught this most recent generation "compassion" because they dare to say criticise, "this abyss which was created by our elders stupidity."

Because, of course, this abyss was created precisely by the stupidity of people like Beck.

The young generation today are inheriting a massive debt which was brought about by the very Reagan policies which Beck continues to proscribe to.

And, arguing for universal healthcare is actually a very generous act, if one is wealthy enough to be able to afford private insurance. In truth, it's Beck who is selfish and part of the "me" generation. He's saying, "I've got mine and why should I pay for you?" whilst accusing others of the very sin which he is indulging in.


Spot on comment over at Crooks and Liars.

If Harvard offered a Ph.D in projection, these rightwing carnival barkers would all be honorary recipients.

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