Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fox News: A 24/7 Political Operation.

I love the fact that the Obama White House are identifying the Fox News organisation as the right wing propaganda machine that it is.

Media Matters have put together a montage displaying this right wing spin in all it's glory. And it is not limited to their "opinion" journalists as Fox would have us believe.

And that is what's getting Fox so angry. The Obama White House are calling them out as what they are.

Biased. Whilst ludicrously claiming to be "fair and balanced".

It's simply impossible to watch this montage and pretend that Fox do not have a blatant right wing agenda.


Steve Benen:

But let’s put all of that aside and focus on a point too many observers don’t appreciate: the line between Fox News’ personality-driven primetime hosts and Fox News’ “reporting” doesn’t exist. This isn’t a network that does legitimate journalism during the day, and then let’s GOP clowns run wild at night—this is a network that acts as the arm of a political party and a cog in a larger partisan machine all day.


Josh (Marshall) added, “If you actually watch Fox News with any regularity it’s hard to see any point to discussing the fact that the station operates more or less openly as a wing of the GOP.” And yet, now that the White House has shown the audacity to note this plain fact, the pushback from other media figures is pretty intense.

For Ruth Marcus and others, the problem isn’t that Fox News is making a mockery of modern journalism; the problem is that the White House has acknowledged reality. The establishment, I’m afraid, is complaining about the wrong party here.

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