Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Dana Perino admits that the Bush White House essentially froze out MSNBC towards the end.

Dana Perino admits ,"towards the end we didn't do a lot with MSNBC."

It sort of puts into perspective Fox's whining about the Obama administration's decision to view them, not as a news organisation, but as the broadcasting wing of the Republican party.

To listen to Fox whine, you would think that this was unprecedented.

Surely most people can surmise that there must have been a reason why the previous administration were so keen to always be interviewed by Fox? Chris Wallace, as Andrew Sullivan famously noted, sounded "like a teenage girl interviewing the Jonas Brothers" whilst questioning Cheney.

That level of sycophancy existed for a reason. Fox are water carriers for the Republicans rather than a proper news organisation.

All the Obama administration have done is point out what we all already know to be true.

I think the more Fox whine, the better it is for democracy; for the question on everyone's lips remains, are Fox biased? And most reasonable people have only one answer to that question.


As part of their fight back, Fox decided to poll their viewers. Notice how biased the questions are. There is no option on there for anyone to agree that the White House might have a point.

Fox continue to make the White House's case even as they rail against it.

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