Saturday, October 03, 2009

Conservatives Celebrate America's Loss.

I remember my delight the day London won it's bid to host the Olympics. I just felt really pleased that the city I live in had been successful against so many other fine cities. And yes, I thought that perhaps I might even get to go along and see the opening ceremony.

So the reaction of the American right to Chicago failing to win the right to host the games I find utterly shocking.

They delight in Chicago's failure because they equate that with a failure for Obama. It's the proof that Limbaugh really meant it when he said that he wanted Obama to fail.

I am sure these same people would have applauded as Bush proposed Chicago to host the games, but now that the Democrats are in power they literally want the US to go to Hell in a handcart.

Aren't these the same f#ckwits that used to accuse others of lacking patriotism? If there's anything less patriotic than delighting in your own country's failure, then I'd love to know what that thing is.

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