Tuesday, October 06, 2009

"Compassionate" Conservatism.

Here is the new face of the "compassionate" Conservative Party:


Within three years of being elected, the Tories want all 2.6 million people on incapacity benefit to be assessed to see what work they could do and offered training or other help in getting work.

They expect about 500,000 claimants to be found jobs or transferred to jobseeker's allowance, which pays £25 a week less.
Of course, Cameron is only able to get away with this crap because Brown - in a pointless attempt to win back the long gone Daily Mail reader - is also talking about targeting incapacity benefit. But Brown should know that when it comes to depriving the poor, the Tories leave Labour in the shade as the amateurs that they are. The Tories actually enjoy this work much more than Labour ever could. They see themselves as walking in Thatcher's shadow at moment's like this.

But what do the Tories still defend whilst they attack people on incapacity benefit? Well, let's leave that to Boris... They still want to defend the bankers and deregulation:

"I know how unpopular these bankers are," he said. "I know how far out I am on this limb in sticking up for these pariahs.

"But never forget, all you would-be banker bashers that the leper colony in the City of London produces 9% of UK GDP, 13% of value added and taxes that pay for roads and schools and hospitals across this country.

"And that is why I am willing to take the fight to our friends and partners in Brussels against ill thought-out regulation."

Ah, so regulation is the enemy, because a lack of regulation hasn't caused us any harm so far has it? But those bloody scroungers on incapacity benefit? Scum of the Earth.

This is the new, "compassionate" Conservative party showing it's face.

They attack some of the poorest members of society - because some of them are on the fiddle - whilst defending the richest members of society and their methods, despite the fact that the rich bankers have cost this country billions more over the past few months than the combined number of people currently receiving incapacity benefit could ever dream of taking from the tax payer.

Those are their priorities.

Compassionate conservatism? My arse. It sounds exactly the same as any conservative team ever before assembled. Apologise and defend the privileged always, whilst attacking and depriving the poor whenever possible.

And, whilst attacking the poor, take care to remind everyone just how hard done by you are.

Conservative MP Alan Duncan on how hard it is to survive on an MP's wages in today's Commons:

"No one who has done anything in the outside world, or is capable of doing such a thing, will ever come into this place ever again, the way we are going," he said.

"Basically, it's being nationalised, you have to live on rations and are treated like s**t," he added.

"Those bastards on incapacity benefit are the ones taking all the dough. It's the poor city bankers and MP's wot are getting screwed!"

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