Monday, September 21, 2009

Tea Party Organizer Is Epitome Of Privilege.

Bill Moyers takes a look at the tea baggers protests. And he pays special attention to Dick Armey of FreedomWorks, the man who once said that, "Politics is 97% fiction and 3% imagination."

Armey is fighting to keep his own government health plan, a plan which taxpayers subsidise by as much as 75%, whilst encouraging tea baggers to fight against that very thing.

"Dick Armey is the epitome of those people with power and privilege who are insured against the vicissitudes of life and want no government assistance for any suffering except their own," Moyers says.

The tea baggers are an easily led bunch of people if they can't see through such wanton hypocrisy. But, as Dick would say, "politics is 97% fiction". As is Dick's opposition to government run health plans. He's really against other people having the same protections as he enjoys.


Anonymous said...

I am a major organizer in NH and I never heard of this guy.

We are not run by any 'leaders' and this is what scares the pants off you communists doesn't it.


Kel said...

You have never heard of Dick Armey?

Your ignorance is extraordinary. He's one of the main people behind the tea party protests. He's one of the people who stopped Clinton's health plan.

You obviously haven't looked too deeply into the subject you are protesting about if Dick Armey's name hasn't popped up.