Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sarah Palin Slams Obama.

The Dixie Chicks had their CD's burned for daring to criticise Bush "on foreign soil", which in the days of the Bush administration was something akin to treason. But you can bet that there will be no criticism from the right for Palin running down Obama whilst in communist China.

It's just the usual hypocrisy from these Republican loons. When they do it, it's bravely speaking out. If a Democrat does it, it's a hanging offence.

And it's interesting that Palin insisted that the press be banned from attending the speech:

Organisers barred the media after Palin indicated that she would speak differently if reporters were present.

As Hari Sevugan of the Democratic National Committee joked:
"Are there other countries that she can see from her window that she doesn't want us to know about?"

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