Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Planet Cheney.

Chris Hayes: The remarkable thing about Cheney is how unapologetically, impolitically evil he is. There's no hedging, there's no mincing; and when Chris Wallace says, "Well what about these mock executions which exceeded even the criminal allowances that your regime made for torture, what about those?"

He said, "I'm fine with that."

What if they had actually carried out actual executions? What if they had actually killed the children? What if they had - as John Yoo assented to in a House Judiciary Committee testimony I saw - ordered someone to crush the testicles of the child of a detainee? Apparently all this is fair game for Cheney, I just think it shows just how insane, insane, insane his vision of national security and constitutional governance are.
Where they used to cause my blood to boil, I now find appearances by Dick Cheney and his insane daughter rather amusing. He has boxed himself into this terrible corner where he has to publicly defend appalling actions - against mostly innocent people - as something which he relishes and would do again. And he can only appear on channels like Fox where his views will be heard essentially unchallenged.

She simply shouts people down and talks over them with an increasingly planet Bizarro view of what constitutes torture and what doesn't.

And I especially love how Liz Cheney is now having her father contradict stances she has previously taken.
Liz Cheney: Yeah, but that's not a fair comparison. That's not fair. Because this program was very responsibly and carefully done. And if you look at the history of it, with the CIA coming to the NSC and saying, 'We need to know what we can do legally.' And the very legal opinions that the administration has released are in fact the documents that set out in great detail, this is what you can do, and this is what you can't do. If you cross this line, it becomes illegal. If you cross this line, it becomes torture. It was very, very clear. So I think it does a real disservice to the people who ran the program to equate it with robbing a bank or with criminal activity. You have to look at the very specific and important legal restrictions that were put in place.
And now we have found that CIA officers crossed the very line which Liz Cheney insisted proved the legality of the entire programme, because, "If you cross this line, it becomes torture."

Liz Cheney claimed, that the very fact that a line in the sand existed, proved that torture was not taking place; now her father is telling us that he has no problem with people crossing that line. And she finds herself arguing as to why we don't need to investigate people who crossed the line.

They become more ridiculous with each public appearance they make.

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