Wednesday, September 09, 2009

O'Reilly Breaks it to Beck that the Soviet Union has collapsed.

I can't get the video to embed. To watch it click here.

I don't know why, but this interview amuses me.

Perhaps it's the fact that O'Reilly refuses to accept that Beck has nailed any major figure in the Obama administration:

O'Reilly: Look I haven't been covering this Van Jones thing - and you have been covering it intensively - because he's a little guy; it doesn't really matter.
Or it's the fact that Beck - robbed of reading an autocue - finds himself unable to make the case against Van Jones to O'Reilly and begs to come back another day and make his case:
O'Reilly: Well, you have three minutes to do it now. You don't have to come back, give me the big picture, why is Van Jones important?
Of course, Beck can't. He then has to be prompted by O'Reilly to come up with the name Valerie Jarrett - if he really was intensively covering this stuff wouldn't that name simply be on his lips at a moment's notice? - and then he tells O'Reilly that Jarret is "the big cheese" and that Michelle Obama loved Van Jones, which produced this reply:
O'Reilly: How do you know?

Beck: I read it in the paper.

O'Reilly: What paper?

Beck: I believe....

O'Reilly: You believe what you read in the paper? Michele Obama loves Van Jones?

Beck: It was quoted yesterday that Michelle Obama... and this was from some.. it may have been The Huffington Post, I'm not sure; but it was a lefty blog which said...
So, he's so on top of the story that he can't even name which "lefty blog" he got this information from.

When O'Reilly - to be fair to him he does ask this incredulously - asks if Beck is seriously suggesting that the president is a closet Marxist, Beck says that he doesn't know.

O'Reilly wonders why all of this matters.
Beck: I don't get this America, when did we stop caring about Communism?
Then comes what was, for me, the killer line.
O'Reilly: Because Communism is not a threat to us anymore.

Beck: (Looking as if he's just been slapped with a wet fish) Are you kidding me?
Perhaps no-one's told him that the Soviet Union has collapsed and he still imagines Communism as a great threat....

Poor Glenn, he's so stupid he can't get through a softball interview with O'Reilly without showing himself up as a moron.

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