Thursday, September 03, 2009

Nadler Blasts Cheney's Outrageous Defense of Illegal Torture.

As I pointed out yesterday, the amount of people discussing whether or not Cheney should be prosecuted is increasing by the day.

Here Nadler attempts to explain the law to a somewhat incredulous Megyn Kelly, who I am told studied law, what the law requires. Kelly seems to have no understanding at all about what was established at Nuremberg.

But Nuremberg established that "just following orders" is not a sufficient defence for war crimes. And that the people who give the orders are as culpable as the people who carried out those orders.

Anyone who logically followed the Nuremberg reasoning, would have to conclude that Bush, Cheney, Yoo and Bybee deserve to be in the dock every bit as much as the CIA officers who carried out these acts.

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