Monday, September 07, 2009

Meet The Press: Reaction to Obama's school speech by Republicans is "Stupid".

It seems to me, viewing this from across the pond, as if this happens every single time a Democrat is elected president; the Republicans literally lose their minds.

We saw it with Clinton, with the amount of people seriously prepared to countenance the notion that the president had committed murder, and now we are seeing it again with the absolutely crazy reaction from the right to almost every single thing Obama does.

But the reaction to Obama's speech to school kids, reminding them of the importance of studying and getting good grades, is simply shameful.

David Gregory attempts to find a link between this kind of behaviour and the way some Democrats reacted to Bush's presidency - "He's not my President" - but it's an utterly false equivalency.

The objection from the left towards the presidency of George W Bush was limited to the policies he enacted and his lack of respect for the Constitution, best proven by his extraordinary belief in unlimited executive power.

The right's objection's to Obama do not appear, to me, to be based on anything as concrete. They are simply wildly suspicious of anything he does; no matter how innocuous.

The best example of that being this ludicrous attempt to find it suspicious that the president might want school children to do well and study hard.

Even Friedman can't stand it any longer:
MR. FRIEDMAN: But David, you know, you said, it's a firestorm. And we live in the age of firestorms. You know, today, or this week, it's the president speaking in school. What it needs is for people to stand up and say that's flat out stupid, OK? That's flat out stupid what you're talking about. The president of the United States, addressing schoolchildren in this country to study hard, work hard because that's the way you advance in today's global economy. And instead of that, we kind of dance around it, you know. It's flat out stupid.
When even a nutcase like Friedman can't defend what's going on, the Republicans really have lost the bloody plot.

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