Friday, September 04, 2009

Keith Olbermann: Obama Could Have Primary Challenge If Public Option Is Dropped.

Obviously, I want Obama to proceed with the public option, but I still think Keith is pushing the boat out too far when he states that Obama would face a primary challenge if he doesn't deliver a public option.

Olbermann asked Robinson, "What good does it profit a man to win a bill and lose the base of his party?" Robinson warned that Obama should tread carefully on health care reform and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan because "you don't want to see the progressive caucus in a foul mood."

Olbermann agreed, adding that "He's compromised on everything so far and as self-defeating as it may be, the progressive caucus and progressives would abandon him if necessary, if this was to be the policy of this administration into 2012. If it's necessary to find somebody else to run against him, I think they'd do it, no matter how destructive that may seem at face value."
I want Obama to use his control of both houses to aggressively push forward the agenda he was elected on. He was elected to bring about big change and he is, so far, moving far too slowly for the liking of many people.

But the notion that he will face a primary challenge strikes me as an empty threat. I'd love to know who would be moronic enough to be that stalking horse.

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