Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Jokeline Falls Flat.

Joe Klein has got his knickers in a twist because Glenn Greenwald "published private emails of mine that were part of a conversation taking place on a list-serve."

Twice in the past month, my private communications have been splashed about the internet. That such a thing would happen is unfortunate, and dishonorable, but sadly inevitable, I suppose.
But here is Klein boasting about doing the exact same thing:
He (Klein) told them that just that day he had received an obscene email from a right winger on the death panels issue. In retaliation for this he had “posted the entire email, with the guys name and email address” on his blog at Swampland so that his loyal readers could attack and destroy this poor, moronic, foul mouthed schnook.
Maybe it's not "dishonorable" when Joe does it.

It turns out Joe had been slagging Glenn Greenwald off in a "secret club composed of several hundred journalists, editors, bloggers and other peers and colleagues."

One of the people in this club thought Klein's behaviour was so unfair - writing about Greenwald whilst giving him no opportunity to respond - that they emailed Greenwald the offending emails which he promptly posted online.

It's worth reading Glenn's entire piece, but he really nails Klein's manufactured outrage here.
Beyond that, the very idea that someone has the right to attack and insult someone who isn't present in front of hundreds of people -- and then demand that the entire world, including the target of the attacks, honor that discussion as secret and private, that the target has no right to publicize it or respond -- is ludicrous beyond words.
Klein, the very person who boasted of placing emails and people's email addresses on his own blog, effects outrage when Greenwald has the temerity to defend himself against Klein's secretive smears.

Even the commenters on Klein's own blog are aghast at the jaw dropping stupidity of this post.

Talk about dishonorable-- you use your blog to settle scores with other bloggers and slime them and their friends? This is adult behavior? Unfortunately it is in America 2009. Grow up Joe-- act like a journalist. You should take a moment and consider why almost all of the comments are drilling you.

There are literally hundreds of comments and I couldn't find one supporting Klein's position.

He's taken Greenwald on before and lost, I have no idea why he keeps setting himself up for these spectacular falls.

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