Sunday, September 20, 2009

Dylan Ratigan Cuts Loose on Brad Blakeman Over the GOP's Role as the Party of NO on Health Care Reform

I'm not too familiar with Dylan Ratigan, but he does a very good job here of cutting through Brad Blakeman's bullshit.

Blakeman argues that old canard that the United States is "a centre right country" and claims that there is nothing the Republicans can do until they are returned to power.

Ratigan can't listen to this bullshit anymore:

Blakeman: Well Dylan as we approach and get closer to the election, you’re going to hear more nuts and bolts of what the Republicans stand for and what they will do. (crosstalk)

Ratigan: Why are you going to wait until the election? Because is that the only thing Republicans care about, getting elected because they could care less about actually creating efficient health care systems, solving too big to fail, dealing with energy… why do we have to wait until an election to hear what these people think Brad?

Blakeman: Because we’re not in power. (crosstalk)

Ratigan: We’re paying taxes. Why do we have to wait until an election?

Blakeman: Because we’re not in power. We can come up with the best solutions and the Democrats would throw us to the side. They have not included…

Ratigan: Oh, nonsense. (crosstalk) Either step up and deal with the problems as a party or get out of the building.

Blakeman: We don’t have the votes!

Ratigan: I don’t care about the votes. This is a debate about ideas. Believe me if you are capable of (crosstalk) ideas, I guarantee you there are Democrats and Republicans who are persuadable to rational thought if you actually care about America and you actually want to solve (crosstalk)… you don’t care about America unless you care to be constructive to the conversation and if all you care for is personal destruction and personal assignation, whether it’s fear from the right or guilt from the left you are all eating this country from the gut, and it’s got to come to a conclusion….
The party of NO are claiming that everyone needs to wait until the next election but... wait a minute... the president has only been in office eight months... are they seriously saying that there's nothing can be done until the next bloody election?

The Democrats won the last election, therefore, their job is simply to stall them until 2012? It's a ridiculous stance, but that actually is the stance the party of NO are currently taking.

Ratigan is right to point out that this is a debate about ideas, the main problem is that the Republicans don't have any. I'm being cruel, they do have an idea: cut taxes. But, as Bush's recent report card showed, that idea doesn't do what they've always claimed it would do.

Maybe they'll lean back on their second great idea: invade Iran.

The Republicans really are ideologically bankrupt at this moment in time.

Hat tip to Crooks and Liars.

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