Friday, September 25, 2009

Conservatives Turn On Beck.

Glenn Beck's support amongst conservatives is coming apart as more and more of them realise that he is simply an opportunist who doesn't actually have an overall political agenda.

He enraged many conservatives when he told Katie Couric that he thought McCain would have been a worse president than Barack Obama; which was a simply extraordinary thing to say considering the fact that Beck has already told us that Obama is a socialist, fascist dictator Hell bent on destroying the Republic from within. Quite what McCain would have done which is worse than that, Beck didn't specify.

However, in this clip Beck says that the reason McCain would be worse is that, with McCain, the tea party protests would not be taking place. Now, remember, the tea party protests are largely seen as Beck inspired. And, like so much about Beck's political philosophy, the tea party protests have largely been without any specific message, or rather it has been an umbrella movement for various causes, some related and some not.

But the important thing for Beck is that they have created a great deal of publicity for him personally, even if they have lacked any discernible political purpose.

Mark Levin is beginning to smell a rat and has turned on Beck with some force:

“I’m told the 5 pm’er said today that if John McCain were president, would there be marching in the street?,” Levin began. “I thought to myself, are you not aware of even recent history that the entire Reagan revolution rose up against the RINOs [Republicans in name only]?”

“Have you no sense of your own history?” he said, addressing Beck. “This is why you refuse to consider yourself a conservative! Still searching around in the dark, in the shadows, trying to figure out who you are and who we should be. Some of us know who we are and what we must be! And we also know where we must go!”

"A pox on both parties means a pox on this society."

"If you’re not going to be politically sensible and have a strategy and have an end-game, you’ll keep winding up on weekly magazines, you’ll keep making a lot of money, but in the end you won’t make a difference."
Levin is right to suspect Beck's end game, because the truth is that Beck doesn't have one. The truth is that Beck isn't very bright. He certainly doesn't have any discernible political ideology, which is why he pretends that he simply "asking questions". This enables him to throw out inflammatory shit without ever owning that shit.

It's why he couldn't define "white culture" to Couric. Glenn Beck doesn't want to own anything he says. He is utterly self serving. Glenn Beck is in this for Glenn Beck. It's unthinkable that Limbaugh wouldn't be able to defend what he meant by "white culture" or anything else which Limbaugh pontificated upon. Because, like him or loathe him, Limbaugh has very strong political beliefs which he has spent his lifetime advocating. Beck does not. He is an opportunist whose greatest talent is in tapping into populist anger. But he doesn't know what to do with that anger or where to direct it. His entire game is to present himself as the little man, as lost and confused as everyone else, looking for answers.

And, in order to keep this game going, and to hide the fact that he is actually an intellectual Pygmy, it suits Beck's purposes never to arrive at conclusions. Because to arrive at a conclusion is to own a political philosophy. And that's the last thing Beck wants to do.


Cenk muses on just why Beck wouldn't answer Couric's question.

Hat tip to Think Progress.

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