Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Woman Yells "Heil Hitler" To Jewish Man at Las Vegas Town Hall.

This video is simply extraordinary as far as examples of just how low the political rhetoric has gone in this recent US healthcare debate.

When a Jewish man tells a TV crew that Israel has a national health system, and that he thinks that all Americans deserve the same, a women passing by shouts, "Heil Hitler!" at him. When the man explains that he has no insurance and was quoted $8,000 for treatment at a local hospital, she makes fake weeping noises.

There really is nowhere too low for these people to go.

Here she explains that she is a conservative who believes in "biblical values". She then, astonishingly, reveals that her own husband doesn't even have health insurance. Also, note that she is wearing an IDF T-shirt whilst shouting that anti-Semitic insult.

And what I find most incredible of all, certainly in this clip, is that the interviewer doesn't even concentrate on why she shouted such an offensive thing at a Jewish man simply because he thinks differently than she does on the subject of healthcare.

She deserves to be made the face of the Republican party; in as much as she is stupid, heartless and cruel in equal measure.

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