Thursday, August 20, 2009

Weiner: "The Real Question is Why Do We Have a Private Plan?"

I love Weiner's point here. Scarborough is insisting that there must be a private role in health care "because we believe in free enterprise", but he can't answer Weiner's basic question of just what exactly insurance companies bring to the equation - other than ensuring their own profits.

Joe's silence when Weiner asks what insurance companies bring to the deal is simply classic.
Weiner: What are health insurance plans doing to produce health care?

Scarborough: I don't even understand the question, other than it's you trying to make the point that we don't need private industry in health care at all.

Weiner: Correct.
The fact that private industry don't have any place in health care at all simply baffles Joe. He doesn't get the fact that providing a nation's health care is not an area where one should seek to make profit. He seems to think that this is the same as saying that America shouldn't be a free market economy.

He's ignoring the fact that every free market country in western Europe understands and makes the very distinction which Weiner is making. And most of those country's are way ahead of the US when it comes to The World Health Organisation's ranking for quality of health care.

And, in each of those countries, people who want to take out private health plans are allowed to do so. It's just that, given the choice, the vast majority of us choose not to.


They came back after the break but Joe never landed his promised killer punch. Instead, Weiner continued to wipe the floor with his argument.


daveawayfromhome said...

This has always been my beef about American health care, that there is a parasitic organization stuffed into the middle of the health care equation which does nothing save extract money.

I think I'm gonna have to steal these videos.

Kel said...

Speaking from the other side of the pond, the US system is simply bonkers.

Insurance companies exist to make money - end of story. They have almost no other function.

And steal the videos to your hearts content. Weiner is simply brilliant in my opinion. He takes Scarborough's argument to pieces.

More people should hear what this guy has to say. At last, a Democrat steps up to the plate.