Monday, August 24, 2009

Weiner: Democrats Should Stop Negotiating with Themselves.

When listening to Bachmann and Demint, I really am left wondering why the Democrats are negotiating with the Republicans at all.

My new hero, Anthony Weiner, joins Rachel to speak some much needed sense.
Maddow: You are very good at math; if there are zero Republican votes for healthcare reform, what is the best Democrats can do in terms of policy, what can be done without Republicans?

Weiner: The one thing we have to stop doing is negotiating against ourselves. Every time I turn on my television I find another Democrat, or sometimes even the president, backing away from the basic principles that are going to make healthcare work. And we have to stop that.

We have a majority in the house, the senate and the presidency. If we are going to keep worshiping at the altar of bi-partisanship, as an end rather than as a means to getting good policy, I don't think we are going to be any further down the road.
And it's a relief that there are sixty people like Weiner who are not going to vote for any bill which does not have a public option.

The Democrats are negotiating with people who are not going to vote for the bill anyway. So, whilst trying to please these people who are never going to vote for this in a million years, they are taking things they like out of their own bill. It's insanity.

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