Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Watching Fox News Makes You Dumb.

Rachel goes through the figures showing how watching Fox makes you much more likely to believe things which are simply false.

For example, 72% of Fox viewers believe that universal healthcare gives coverage to illegal immigrants, whilst only 41% of CNN/MSNBC viewers think the same.

79% of Fox viewers believe this is a government takeover, whilst only 39% of CNN/MSNBC viewers think the same.

69% of Fox viewers think healthcare will pay for abortions, compared to 40% watching other channels.

75% of Fox viewers feel that universal healthcare could result in stopping care for the elderly, while only 30% watching other channels feel this way.

This is why these people at these rallies are so angered. Their heads have been filled with nonsense by this Republican talking points channel.

How can one have a debate when Fox News are working so hard to keep the electorate uninformed?

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Alistair Scott said...

Fox News has the motto 'Fair & Balanced'.

That would be funny, if it wasn't so chilling.

Take a look at this garbage:

For starters, it's not news, only speculation, and crackpot speculation at that.

Unfortunately, many people who watch it will come away saying, "The UK National Health Service breed terrorists. I know because I've seen it on TV."

Which is exactly what Murdoch and his cronies want.

Fair & Balanced?