Friday, August 28, 2009

They Are Getting Madder By The Day.

So, Beck shows us three clips. The black panthers, Louis Farrakhan and a group of young black men in military attire sort of marching up and down. All of which Beck finds scary.

He then gives himself the pathetic out he always gives himself:

I am not suggesting the President of the United States or anybody in this government have anything to do with the Black Panthers, Louis Farrakhan or this group here.
I'm sorry. If he's not suggesting a connection then why is he even talking about this and Obama in the same sentence?

And I thought these were the very people who rejoiced at teabaggers and people carrying guns to Obama rallies? Oh, but those were white folk. Looking at the clips Beck showed again I can see why he finds these images so scary.

White folks with guns are exercising their second amendment rights, black folks doing the same are suddenly Obama's citizen militia.

This lot are getting more unhinged by the day. Oh, and Beck couldn't find out much about the group of young boys in military gear so he came to this conclusion:
We have been looking for two weeks for connections on this. We can't find any. They have sealed this story down as tight as a drum.
It's a classic example of the way the conspiracy nut brain functions. If he can't find anything to suit his particular bias, it must be because, "they have sealed this down as tight as a drum."

Absence of evidence only makes Beck more suspicious, not less.

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