Thursday, August 06, 2009

Stewart Slams CNN & Fox For Coverage Of Clinton's North Korea Rescue.

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Why were none of us surprised by the negative tone some took?
Stewart's glee didn't last long, though, as he moved on to the coverage of Clinton's trip. CNN had nothing to say so they discussed how airplanes operate and showed color bars of North Korean TV. Fox News, on the other hand, was upset that the journalists were freed in the first place. John Bolton said the situation turned out better for North Korea than the U.S., and Dick Morris argued that the journalists should have "lived with the decision to go there."

"Does the sun ever shine during a Democratic administration? With Obama in office now when babies laugh do you hear only the sound of kittens drowning?" Stewart asked, before eviscerating Fox for their choice in anchors.
As Stewart points out, it really is too much to listen to the Repuglithugs complaining about America possibly "giving up something" to make a deal happen; when their lifelong hero, Reagan, did the deal he did with Iran, in order to funnel money to the Contras so that they could attempt to bring down a Sandinista government elected through fair and free elections.

Hat tip to Huffington Post.

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