Sunday, August 23, 2009

Ron Reagan: Isn't It Funny How "Left Wing Lunacy" Turns into Reality After a Few Years?

I've already addressed this here. But this story deserves to be massive.

Ronald Reagan Junior sums it up best. So often, especially since the Bush years, things which were described as "left wing lunacy" do, indeed, turn out to be fact.

And it happens because of this mindset displayed by Marc Ambinder:

Living as we do in a Democratic system, most journalists are going to give the government the benefit of some doubt.
What he's saying is actually profoundly untrue. What he should have said is that, "Most right leaning journalists, like myself, tend to give right wing government's the benefit of the doubt."

Nor was this automatic defence of the Bush regime restricted to Tom Ridge and colour code alerts. I had loons arguing on here that there was no evidence that the regime engaged in torture, when the reports coming out from Guantanamo Bay, Abu Ghraib and the secret prisons was actually overwhelming. Indeed, one of the things which made me conclude that torture was taking place was the very uniformity of the actions being described, no matter where the location was.

It was impossible faced with the same claims of forced nudity, stress positions, loud music and sleep deprivation, coming from so many different locations, not to conclude that this was organised in some way.

And yet Ambinder and others found that to be "crazed left wing lunacy". They didn't see it, in truth, because they didn't want to.

They were enablers. Wilfully not seeing what was by that time obvious to all. Indeed, they are only seeing it now because Tom Ridge's comments make denial impossible.

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