Tuesday, August 04, 2009


I've spoken here about these rent-a-mob-thugs pretending to represent a grassroots movement whilst actually being associated with Freedom Works , a Washington DC lobbying firm run by former Republican Majority leader Dick Armey.

Rachel Maddow gives her take on this:

This type of tactic, this type of intimidation is a deliberate choice. And it appears to be stoked and organized by corporate lobbyists. And it is not something that is happening in a vacuum.


This is well paid lobbyists doing this as a strategy. It's the same thing with the deathers. These scare your grandmother myths that the whole point of health care reform is secretly to kill old people. This patently, patently false rumor about health care reform as we talked about earlier on this show was started by a woman who sits on the board of directors of one of the nations biggest medical device companies.

Everybody says well politics ain't beanbags. Right. Obviously this is not beanbags. But this isn't hardball either, no offense to Chris. This just isn't even politics. This is orchestrated, mob mentality intimidation. This is called hooliganism.

In a democracy all ideas are supposed to circulate freely. These thugs aren't interested in any discussion of ideas, they are out to intimidate and silence all debate; whilst pretending to be the public reacting in outrage.
Corporate lobbyists are organizing far right hooligan tactics to disrupt civic meetings about health care reform. This is the organized use of intimidation as a political tool in the United States, and I don't mean intimidation euphemistically. I mean literal intimidation.
This is how low these scumbags will go. They want to ensure that the cash cow, that cow which pursues profit rather than catering to the needs of the sick, isn't cut off from them. Which is why they fear a public option so much. To that end, they are attempting to bully and intimidate and silence all public meetings on this subject.

If they had a reasonable case which they thought they had any chance of winning were they make it publicly, they would make it.

They don't. So they bully and attempt to silence all dissent.


nunya said...

Are these lobbyists shameless or what? My congresswhore avoids the media unless he wants to scream about illegal aliens. Probably not the ones cleaning up his house or doing his yard, though, lol.

Kel said...

They are disgusting, Nunya. Shameless. But, what's worse is that Fox will try to portray this as if it is a genuine movement amongst the populace, when it is actually manufactured outrage.