Saturday, August 01, 2009

Rachel Maddow Exposes Right Wing Racism.

When Nixon and Reagan played the race card, they had the good sense to play it subtly. Nixon had no problem with integration, his problem was with busing. It was a dog whistle, but those who could hear him knew what he was saying. That is no longer the case with Republicans.

There is now, as Maddow points out here, an emerging theme to the Republican sound track on this subject. It's roughly translated as , "ethnic minorities are enraged at whites and they can't be trusted in positions of power as they will use their office to exact revenge on the majority." It's about as disgusting an argument as it is possible to make, and yet that is where they have gone.

The Limbaugh's and the Becks are actually lamenting the passing of another time when minorities, "knew their place". They feel that their sense of privilege is being threatened. That's what they actually mean when they cry, "I want my country back!"

And they are accusing others of the crime which they themselves are indulging in.

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