Saturday, August 08, 2009

O'Reilly Speaks Out Against Olbermann "Attacking" Dobbs' Wife and Family.

O'Reilly claims here that Lou Dobbs' wife and children were "brutally personally attacked" by Keith Olbermann. He then wonders how long "this barbaric display" will be allowed before the owners of MSNBC intervene.

Let's look at what Keith said:

A man who during the week makes millions attacking immigrants, and especially Hispanics, even though his wife and kids are Hispanic.
How is that an attack on Dobbs' wife and kids? Olbermann has stated a fact. Lou Dobbs' wife is an Hispanic. Indeed, Dobbs himself often quotes this fact as proof that he does not suffer from Hispanophobia.

Others have accused him of Hispanophobia, a charge he denies and one which he has said offends him deeply, as his wife Debi Segura is a Mexican-American.
On what planet is pointing out a fact - a fact which Dobbs often cites in his own defence - a brutal personal attack?

It would now appear that, in O'Reilly's world, even mentioning someone's wife and kids is akin to "brutally attacking" them.

One could argue that a person's wife and children should never be brought into any argument, but that's not the case which Bill is making. Bill goes much further, claiming that a brutal attack has taken place and is wondering how long "this barbaric display" is going to be allowed to continue.

I can't even see where this "attack" has taken place.

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