Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Glenn Beck Starts Crying While Talking "Eugenics".

The healthcare debate has already taken the American right wing over the cliff, but one can always rely on Glenn Beck to take it to even more ludicrous extremes. Here, he does not disappoint.

He talks about Nazi Eugenics - I can only presume because he thinks it's relevant to the current debate - and bursts into tears talking about his daughter, "because the hand of the person shown in this poster reminds me of my daughter's hand."

So, in Beck's world, Obama's health care reforms are now equivalent to Nazi Eugenics. I'm so pleased that this debate is remaining reasonable.


Brad said...

Uhm... at no point did Beck ever say Obama's health care "reforms" (pfft) are equivalent to Nazi eugenics.

What Beck, and others, are saying is horrible things can happen when government wields so much power, as history has shown.

If you hate Beck, that is fine. At least try to be a little bit objective.

Kel said...

I didn't say that he did say that, I said, "I can only presume [he's discussing it] because he thinks it's relevant to the current debate".

Why else is Beck suddenly discussing Nazi eugenics?