Monday, August 31, 2009

Fox News propaganda vs. what really happened: Ted Kennedy and Medicare’s prescription drug benefit

Fox News are pushing the notion that Ted Kennedy compromised with President Bush to get the deal passed on prescription drugs and Medicare. Daily Kos have produced a film contrasting how Fox News are selling this and what Kennedy had to say about what Bush was up to at the time.

Here is an article from someone who sat in on the Democratic meetings discussing prescription drugs coverage:

Early in the process, Kennedy had worked with Bush and the Republicans, even helping pass a bill he could support through the Senate. But at the last minute, Bush and the GOP stabbed Kennedy in the back, swapping out the Senate-passed legislation with the industry-friendly boondoggle in conference committee.

As a result, Kennedy went from supporting the process to opposing it. Along with all the senators in the room -- including Bayh -- Kennedy voted against the Bush plan and spoke out loudly in opposition.
Fox are endlessly portraying Kennedy as a man who could compromise and citing as evidence his role in the passage of a prescription drug benefit under Medicare, signed into law by George W. Bush in 2003.

The only problem with that narrative is that it is simply not true.

Ted Kennedy voted against that bill.
The reason for Fox's lie couldn't be more obvious: they desperately want Democrats to cave on the core elements of health care reform, and they think that creating a false narrative about Ted Kennedy will make their wish come true.
And the joke is that Fox are portraying the Republicans as the party fighting to save Medicare. It's a pretty sick joke, but there you have it.

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