Monday, August 03, 2009


The way the right have reacted to the election of Obama has been jaw dropping. The refusal of some of them, even some in the mainstream US media, to believe that he is even an American has been amusing and shocking in almost equal measure.

But their nuttiness is now scaling new heights. Here we are asked to consider whether or not Jesus named the anti-Christ.

Hint: He did. The name he gave - after much textual contortion - was Baraq Bamah.

Every day these nutters reveal themselves to be more unhinged than the day before.

Of course, Obama is not the first person that they have identified in such a way. It seems every Democratic president carries the characteristics of Satan.

It really is the proof that one can cherry pick that book to say anything that you want.


Paul said...

I'm just reporting the facts here folks - Jesus, who may or may not have ever said these things, if he ever existed, said something in a language that we don't understand, that was imputed to him in an ancient form of Hebrew, translated into Greek, then into Latin, then into English, which I'm now translating back into modern Hebrew, devoid of all meaning and context, and placing these words into the mouth of Jesus (via the writings of whoever it was who was pretending to be Luke). Badly pronounced too.

All facts, honest, not opinion!

Kel said...

It really is spectacular wingnuttery.