Saturday, August 22, 2009

CNBC Host: Tax Havens Necessary To 'Help Prevent Tyranny'

She's new to me - indeed, I have no idea who she is at all - but the argument she makes put her straight into my loony box.

"Tax havens prevent tyranny!"

She then states, "I am not advocating anyone cheating on their taxes"... erm, (unless you are rich.)


Steel Phoenix said...

Wait, what?
An interesting thought, but either she is crazy or she expressed that really poorly.

The only thing I can think of is that by donating money to charity or putting it into something similarly tax exempt, you can choose where your money goes rather than giving it to a government that will misappropriate it.

Kel said...

I wish that was what she was saying, SP. But I think she is actually extolling the virtues of tax havens.

I think she is celebrating Corporate entities moving themselves to areas outside the US tax system where they can enjoy reduced or non existent taxation levels.

She is actually arguing that this is a way to avoid "tyranny."

It's breathtaking, I know, but I get the feeling that this is actually the point she is making.