Saturday, August 29, 2009

Arsène Wenger blasts Uefa 'witch-hunt' after Eduardo is charged with 'diving'.

Every season I take great joy from Arsene Wenger's myopic vision. The amount of things he simply doesn't see makes me howl.

His latest rant regards Uefa's decision to charge Eduardo with diving, after he blatantly faked contact with the Celtic goalkeeper to win a penalty for his side.

The condemnation for Eduardo has been widespread. But that's not how Wenger sees it:

"I find it a complete disgrace and unacceptable," said Wenger. "We won't accept the way we have been treated in this case for two reasons. I believe that you can debate whether it was a penalty or not. For me it's a witch-hunt that we see and not an objective judgement of a case.

"This charge implies there was intent and a desire to cheat the referee. Having watched the pictures again there was nothing conclusive. It singles out a player in Europe to be a cheat and that is not acceptable. Uefa has taken action that is not defendable."

Yes, a player diving in the box, "implies there was intent and a desire to cheat the referee".

That notion appears to be shocking to Wenger. But seriously, is there any other reason to dive in the box?

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